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  • 1D portable optical coherence tomography system

    —Imaging methods are an expanding branch of technology, which involves data acquisition and analysis of images for research and diagnostics. This paper has been devoted to the description of the optical design for a one-dimensional, portable optical coherence tomography (OCT) system. The Mach-Zehnder interferometer has been designed in the presented study. The description of the construction and applied hardware solutions have...

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  • Optical method for verification of homogeneity of phantoms for calibration of magnetic resonance

    The primary purpose of this study was to develop a laboratory photonic set-up for characterisation of homogeneity of gel phantoms for calibration of magnetic resonance. In this system, optical coherence tomography allows the detection of micro- and macroscopic heterogeneities of a structure. The set-up was used to perform measurements of agar and agar-carrageenan gels, which are the basis for more complex phantoms for magnetic...

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  • Detection system for optical coherence tomography: Czerny-Turner spectrometer

    - 2017

    Research methods based on spectral analysis have powerful impact on development in many field of science. Signal spectrum can be a source of useful and important data. It enables to obtain information about physical and chemical properties of tested materials. This paper has been devoted to describe optical design for high resolution spectrometer, which is significant element of optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems. Designed...

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