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  • Analysis of a caustic formed by a spherical reflector: Impact of a caustic on architectural acoustics

    Focusing sound in rooms intended for listening to music or speech is an acoustic defect. Design recommendations provide remedial steps to effectively prevent this. However, there is a category of objects of high historical or architectural value in which the sound focus correction is limited or even abandoned. This also applies to indoor or outdoor concert shells, installations for teaching and acoustic presentations, etc. The...

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  • The Caustic in the Acoustics of Historic Interiors

    In the paper, caustics are discussed as ordered forms of focus broadening occurring in concave mirrors. Presented are examples of caustics formed in natural conditions and application of the phenomenon in different fields of science and technology. Against this factual background, the possibility to observe caustics in rooms is pointed out. Special emphasis is put on large rooms of historic character, as such interiors frequently...

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  • Can Historic Interiors with Large Cubature be Turned Acoustically Correct?

    - Archives of Acoustics - Rok 2016

    Historic interiors with large cubature, such as reception, theatrical, and concert halls, need to be renovated periodically if they are to be preserved as cultural heritage for future generations. In such cases it is necessary to maintain appropriate balance between requirements imposed by heritage conservation authorities office which are usually being given a higher priority, applicable safety regulations, and the comfort of...

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