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  • 3,3'-Dibenzoyl-1,1'-dibenzyl-1,1'-(ethane-1,2-diyl)dithiourea

    In the title compound, C32H30N4O2S2, the carbonyl and thiocarbonyl groups are found in a rare synclinal conformation, with an S-C···C-O pseudo-torsion angle of 62.6(2)°. The molecule has Ci = S2 point-group symmetry with a crystallographic center of inversion located in the middle of the ethylene bridge. One of the symmetry-independent phenyl...

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  • Hückel i Möbius - zjawisko aromatyczności dawniej i dziś

    - Rok 2012

    Pojęcie aromatyczności zagościło w chemii, kiedy to August W. Hofmann użył go do opisu pewnej grupy kwasów karboksylowych. W 1856 ukazał się jego artykuł "On insolinic acid", gdzie opisywał on utlenianie kwasu kuminowego kwasem chromowym. Stwierdzenie "kwasy aromatyczne" pojawia się tam dwukrotnie, jednak bez żadnego wyjaśnienia. Z czasem wszystkie związki o wysokim stopniu nienasycenia oraz nadzwyczajnej trwałości (czyt. pochodne...

  • Modulated crystal structures - periodicity in more than three dimensions

    - Rok 2012

    The initial definition of a crystal was that it is an object with flat faces. When diffraction studies were developed it turned out that crystal consists of a highly ordered particles and it is possible to isolate a small unique part of their structure - a unit cell - and the definition has been changed to rely on this fact. Nowadays by a crystal we mean any solid having an essentially discrete diffraction diagram. It is because...

Rok 2011
  • 1,3-Di-<i>n</i>-butylthiourea

    In the title compound, C9H20N2S, the n-butyl groups are in syn and anti positions in relation to the C=S bond. In the crystal, two molecules are connected by two N-H···S=C hydrogen bonds into a centrosymmetric dimer. Another N-H···S=C hydrogen bond links the dimers, forming layers with a hydrophilic interior and a hydrophobic exterior, which spread across the (100) plane. Interlacing of the...

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  • Ammonium <i>O</i>,<i>O</i>'-diethyl dithiophosphate

    In the title compound, NH4+·(C2H5O)2PS2−, the ammonium cation is connected by four charge-assisted N−H···S hydrogen bonds to four tetrahedral O,O'-diethyl dithiophosphate anions, forming layers parallel to (100). The polar and non-polar constituents of the layers are stacked alternately along [100]. Interlacing of the external ethyl groups...

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  • LattE- first-principles lattice energy calculations

    - Rok 2011

    Crystal engineering is currently attracting much interest. Its aim is to create materials of predefined properties fulfilling the requirements imposed by the applications. There are several parameters describing crystal structures, but the most important one is probably the energy of a crystal lattice. It is the energy released by the system when crystalline solid is formed out of molecules or ions in gaseous phase. Approximate...

  • <i>N,N</i>'-diphenylthiourea acetone monosolvate

    In the title compound, C13H12N2S·C3H6O, the phenyl rings of the thiourea molecule are in syn and anti positions in relation to the C=S bond. Two molecules are connected by N-HS=C hydrogen bonds into a centrosymmetric dimer. An additional N-HO=C hydrogen bond to the acetone solvent molecule and some weak C-H interactions reinforce the crystal structure.

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Rok 2010

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