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  • Dynamic risk assessment in autonomous vehicles motion planning

    - Rok 2008

    Arguing that an autonomous mobile system is sufficiently safe to operate in presence of other vehicles and objects is an important element in development of such systems. Traditional approach to assure safety is to distinguish between safe and unsafe area and prevent the autonomous vehicle from entering the unsafe area. The paper presents a model of autonomous vehicle control system which uses risk assessment...

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  • Integrating Confidence And Assurance Arguments

    To be considered compelling an assurance case should address its potential deficits, possibly with the use of a confidence argument. Assurance argument and confidence argument should be clearly separated and consistent at the same time. We propose a way of their integration with the use of an element representing rationale for each argumentation strategy. The rationale integrates confidence argument for a given argumentation step...

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  • Towards Safety Case Integration with Hazard Analysis for Medical Devices

    Safety case is one of system safety lifecycle products and should be consistent with other lifecycle products like hazard analysis results. In this paper we present a method of safety case integration with hazard tables based on the use of parametrized argument patterns. We describe a hazard table metamodel, a safety argument pattern and a mechanism of pattern instantiation using a linking table which represents references to system...

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