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dr hab. inż. arch. Anna Górka


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Gmach Główny pokój 372
(58) 348 60 94

Wybrane publikacje

  • Threats to Rural Landscape and Its Protection in Poland

    The article describes the premises and conditions for the implementation of a pro-landscape spatial policy in rural areas in Poland. It presents the erosion of spatial order in a large part of the country’s territory. Firstly, the state of protection of the rural landscape and the legal aspects of shaping the space of rural areas are described. Secondly, the location is depicted, and the main physiognomic and environmental threats...

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  • Landcsape as a Tool of Coherence in the Land Management of Rural Communes

    Economic and social transformation of rural areas in Poland after 1990 reveals itself through disintegration of previous spatial order. Building a new pattern requires a vision, which would counteract complex causes of disintegration. The latter belong to institutional domain of planning strategies and the area of common practices. Therefore, agreement on aims and means between spatial policy strategies and tactics of space users...

  • Thematic Areas in the Polish Countryside and Their Role in Local Development

    - 2018

    The article defines the phenomenon of space thematisation with regards to rural areas in Poland. The typology of thematic spaces and criteria of their comparative description have been proposed. Thematic villages, home gardens, amusement parks and housing estates have been distinguished. They have been compared in terms of spatial availability, the degree of user participation and the commercial vs. non-commercial creation purpose....

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  • 2017-11-28

    Nadanie tytułu naukowego

    prof. nadzw. PG Architektura i urbanistyka (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)

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