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  • The significance of proximity in cluster initiatives

    Purpose – The main aim of this paper is to analyse relations between geographical and competence proximity and development of cooperation in cluster initiatives. Design/methodology/approach – The research was based on an original theoretical concept referring to the trajectory of development of cooperative relations in cluster initiatives. The research was carried out in mid-2017, in four purposefully selected clusterinitiatives....

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  • Technological capability dynamics through cluster organizations

    - Baltic Journal of Management - Rok 2020

    Purpose – The purpose of the paper is to portrait how members of cluster organizations (COs) perceive the role of COs in enabling them to accumulate technological capability (TC) significant for their innovation. Design/methodology/approach – The authors report the findings from their qualitative study based on an analysis of four COs. The organizational inertia and absorptive capacity (AC) theories are the theoretical underpinning...

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  • Development of proximity in cluster organizations

    Sustainable development in cluster organizations (COs) is most fully manifested in the synergy effect. In turn, the synergy effect is achieved thanks to the development of proximity among cluster entities. The purpose of the paper is to test two conceptual models reflecting relations between selected dimensions of proximity in cluster organizations. The author reports the findings of a quantitative study conducted in four COs....

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