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  • Interval incidence graph coloring

    In this paper we introduce a concept of interval incidence coloring of graphs and survey its general properties including lower and upper bounds on the number of colors. Our main focus is to determine the exact value of the interval incidence coloring number χii for selected classes of graphs, i.e. paths, cycles, stars, wheels, fans, necklaces, complete graphs and complete k-partite graphs. We also study the complexity of the...

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  • Interval incidence coloring of bipartite graphs

    In this paper we study the problem of interval incidence coloring of bipartite graphs. We show the upper bound for interval incidence coloring number (χii) for bipartite graphs χii≤2Δ, and we prove that χii=2Δ holds for regular bipartite graphs. We solve this problem for subcubic bipartite graphs, i.e. we fully characterize the subcubic graphs that admit 4, 5 or 6 coloring, and we construct a linear time exact algorithm for subcubic...

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  • Global defensive sets in graphs

    In the paper we study a new problem of finding a minimum global defensive set in a graph which is a generalization of the global alliance problem. For a given graph G and a subset S of a vertex set of G, we define for every subset X of S the predicate SEC ( X ) = true if and only if | N [ X ] ∩ S | ≥ | N [ X ] \ S | holds, where N [ X ] is a closed neighbourhood of X in graph G. A set S is a defensive alliance if and only if for...

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