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Centrum Transferu Wiedzy i Technologii
Al. Zwycięstwa 27, 80-219 Gdańsk
+48 58 348 62 62

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  • Serendipitous Recommendations Through Ontology-Based Contextual Pre-filtering

    Context-aware Recommender Systems aim to provide users with better recommendations for their current situation. Although evaluations of recommender systems often focus on accuracy, it is not the only important aspect. Often recommendations are overspecialized, i.e. all of the same kind. To deal with this problem, other properties can be considered, such as serendipity. In this paper, we study how an ontology-based and context-aware...

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  • Rating Prediction with Contextual Conditional Preferences

    - 2016

    Exploiting contextual information is considered a good solution to improve the quality of recommendations, aiming at suggesting more relevant items for a specific context. On the other hand, recommender systems research still strive for solving the cold-start problem, namely where not enough information about users and their ratings is available. In this paper we propose a new rating prediction algorithm to face the cold-start...

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  • Top k Recommendations using Contextual Conditional Preferences Model

    Recommender systems are software tools and techniques which aim at suggesting to users items they might be interested in. Context-aware recommender systems are a particular category of recommender systems which exploit contextual information to provide more adequate recommendations. However, recommendation engines still suffer from the cold-start problem, namely where not enough information about users and their ratings is available....

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