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  • A unified approach to the analysis of electric energy and fuel consumption of cars in city traffic

    Forecasting fuel and electricity consumption is an important factor determining the direction of changes in road engineering solutions, traffic management, selection of routes for public transport and development more efficient car drive systems. With a reliable and easy-to-use computational tool, it is possible to reduce the consumption of primary energy sources and reduce the emission of toxic compounds in cities. An analysis...

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  • Performance of the very high-temperature heat pump with low GWP working fluids

    Traditional heat pumps are a very attractive pro-ecological solutions for a number of applications, including providing of heating or heat recovery from industrial processes. The application range of heat pumps could be greatly enlarged when the operating temperature would be increased to 130-150°C and/or the temperature lift can be increased to 50-100 K. In the paper, the very high temperature vapour-compressor based single stage...

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  • An approach for estimation of water wall degradation within pulverized-coal boilers
    • J. Badur
    • P. Ziółkowski
    • D. Sławiński
    • S. Kornet

    - ENERGY - 2015

    The main aim of this paper is to estimate the lifetime of water walls of pulverized-coal boilers at nominal conditions as well as after degradation of water tubes. An approach for a pulverized-coal chamber degradation process has been formulated based on operational and experimental data. This model was formulated using on-line state monitoring of a pulverized coal burner with aim of preventing the fireplace screens from high degradation...

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