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Advanced operating methods


Selected operating methods of resistive gas sensors were presented. The methods utilize flicker noise (1/f noise), which gives additional information about ambient gas when compared with the recorded changes of DC resistance only. Methods of flicker noise measurements were outlined. Recently developed prototype gas sensors comprising golden nanoparticle functionalized with organic ligands can generate intense flicker noise induced by volatile organic compounds. These phenomena can be utilized in inexpensive and portable measurement setups. Popular gas sensing materials (e.g., WO3 and TiO2) exhibit a photocatalytic effect, which can be employed to improve the selectivity and sensitivity of gas detection. Recently proposed commercial resistive gas sensors are of much smaller dimensions and energy consumption. These new series of gas sensors can be used in the proposed methods when limited energy consumption is a crucial factor. An overview of emerging new applications of low-cost resistive gas sensors is given. Bootlegs of the technology arising were identified and compared with the applications presented.

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Smulko J.: Advanced operating methods// Advanced Nanomaterials for Inexpensive Gas Microsensors - Synthesis, Integration and Applications/ : , 2020, s.189-208
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