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  • DAB+ Coverage Analysis: a New Look at Network Planning using GIS Tools

    For many years, the matter of designing a transmitter network, optimized for best signal coverage, has been a subject of intense research. In the last decade, numerous researchers and institutions used GIS and spatial analysis tools for network planning, especially transmitter location. Currently, many existing systems operate in a strictly two-dimensional manner, not taking into account the three-dimensional nature of the analyzed...

  • Damage Control in Warships

    - 2018

    As a result of dynamic quantitative and qualitative developments in the maritime industry its participants face harder and harder challenges pertaining to safety of ships and navigation. Practice has shown that even very well organised fleets are harassed by emergencies and accidents that can be neither predicted nor absolutely avoided. In order to counter the occuring emergencies and accidents, and to minimize their effects damage...

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  • Damage Imaging in Lamb Wave-Based Inspection of Adhesive Joints

    Adhesive bonding has become increasingly important in many industries. Non-destructive inspection of adhesive joints is essential for the condition assessment and maintenance of a structure containing such joints. The aim of this paper was the experimental investigation of the damage identification of a single lap adhesive joint of metal plate-like structures. Nine joints with different defects in the form of partial debonding...

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  • Data augmentation for improving deep learning in image classification problem

    These days deep learning is the fastest-growing field in the field of Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Neural Networks (DNN). Among many of DNN structures, the Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) are currently the main tool used for the image analysis and classification purposes. Although great achievements and perspectives, deep neural networks and accompanying learning algorithms have some relevant challenges to tackle. In this...

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  • Daylighting Education in Practice Verification of a new goal within a European knowledge investigation
    • F. Giuliani
    • N. Sokół
    • R. Lo Verso
    • F. Caffaro
    • A. Diakite
    • R. Viula
    • B. Paule

    - 2018

    Two independent surveys were conducted in 2017 and in 2018 among architecture students across Europe to investigate their knowledge on daylighting and the impact of that knowledge on the visual perception of daylit spaces. A total of 600 responders were involved. This paper presents findings from the second survey, which was distributed in six European countries. Based on the findings from the first survey, a new goal was set for...

  • Daytime Acute Non-Visual Alerting Response in Brain Activity Occurs as a Result of Short- and Long-Wavelengths of Light
    • K. Łaszewska
    • G. Agnieszka
    • P. Weber
    • T. Pracki
    • M. Tafil-Klawe
    • D. Pracka
    • P. Złomańczuk


    Very recent preliminary findings concerning the alerting capacities of light stimulus with long-wavelengths suggest the existence of neural pathways other than melatonin suppression that trigger the nonvisual response. Though the nonvisual effects of light during the daytime have not been investigated thoroughly, they are definitely worth investigating. The purpose of the present study is to enrich existing evidence by describing...

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