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  • Real-Time Basic Principles Nuclear Reactor Simulator Based on Client-Server Network Architecture with WebBrowser as User Interface

    The real-time simulator of nuclear reactor basic processes (neutron kinetics, heat generation and its exchange, poisoning and burn- ing up fuel) build in a network environment is presented in this paper. The client-server architecture was introduced, where the server is a pow- erful computing unit and the web browser application is a client for user interface purposes. The challenge was to develop an application running under the...

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  • Web-based real-time simulation system

    The paper presents the development of a simulation system composed of a real-time plant simulator with real-time controller included in the software-in-the-loop structure using web-based communication. The client-server architecture build in a TCP/IP network environment was introduced, where the server is a computing unit for real-time high temporal resolution plant simulation (and optionally also as controllers' platform) and...

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  • Real-time simulation in non real-time environment

    Simulation in real-time is a very useful tool because of didactical and practical benefits. Very important benefit of real-time simulation is a fact that operator’s decision can be taken into account in the same time scale as the real system would work. This enables construction of simulators, and opportunity to test control algorithms in Hardware in The Loop scheme using target industrial equipment. Professional real-time environments...

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