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  • 9 - Solid oxide fuel and electrolysis cells
    • C. Lenser
    • D. Udomsilp
    • N. Menzler
    • P. Holtappels
    • T. Fujisaki
    • L. Kwati
    • H. Matsumoto
    • A. Sabato
    • F. Smeacetto
    • A. Chrysanthou
    • S. Molin

    - Rok 2019

    In this chapter, the fundamental reactions, the geometrical designs, the material requirements, and the status of SOFCs and SOECs are presented. In the following seven chapters, the most important components of an SOC are described and the chapter ends with a summary and outlook. The described components are: (i) oxygen-ion conductors (electrolyte), (ii) anode materials for SOFCs (cathode in SOEC mode), (iii) cathode materials...

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  • Effects of Na+, K+ and B3+ Substitutions on the Electrical Properties of La10Si6O27 Ceramics

    - ECS Transactions - Rok 2019

    Doping of Na and K at La sites and of B at Si site in La10Si6O27 with oxyapatite structure and fabrication of their ceramics were made by solid-state reaction method. It was found that partial substitution of Na+ and K+ on La sites decreased the sinterability of the La10Si6O27 based ceramics, whereas partial substitution of B3+ on Si site imporved the sinterability. Na+ and K+ substitutions in La10-xNaxSi6O27-x and La10-xKxSi6O27-x...

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