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  • Relationship between wages, labour productivity and unemployment rate in new EU member countries

    The main aim of this article is to find out the extent to which relative labour productivity and relative unemployment rate changes determine relative wage changes. We use average annual macro-data for the period 2002-2013 for Poland and other 5 new EU members: Estonia, Hungary, Slovak, Czech Republic and Slovenia. Using Poland as benchmark, rst we examine the correlation between wage, productivity and unemployment rate changes...

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  • Informal employment in Poland: an empirical spatial analysis

    The main goal of our article is to bridge the gap in the regional analysis of informal employment in Poland and in particular to indicate the propensity for informal work in the working-age population, to test if informal activities are typical for marginalized people (less educated, unemployed, older) and to identify the regional and spatial heterogeneity in the propensity. We use data from the ‘Human Capital Balance 2010–2014’...

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  • Informal work in Poland - a regional approach

    In our paper we try to combine the theories explaining the prevalence of informal work, using a regional approach. Reviewing the literature, we observe that, there is no evidence to confirm that the relationships that occur in cross-country comparisons remain significant when we use regional data and analyse cross-regional variations. Our general question is therefore whether there is simply more informal work in less-developed...

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