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  • UHF ESPAR antenna for simple Angle of Arrival estimation in UHF RFID applications

    An electronically switched beam antenna for localization of passive UHF RFID tags based on a simple Angle of Arrival (AoA) technique is proposed‥ Detailed antenna design and realization are presented together with corresponding simulations and measurement results. Experimental tests with passive UHF RFID tag show the validity of theoretical assumptions for application of the antenna in UHF RFID based localization systems.

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  • Measurement of distance, velocity and angle of arrival using FMCW-CW combined waveform

    A procedure of tacking small flying object based on a general principle of FMCW and Doppler radar is presented. In order to increase measurement range, this technique uses active signal source on the moving object. For simultaneous measurements of distance, radial velocity and direction (AoA) as well as simplified synchronization a combined FMCW-CW waveform is proposed. The presented measurement system was realized and verified...

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  • Dual polarization antennas for UHF RFID readers

    This paper presents various concepts of switching polarization in patch antenna dedicated for UHF RFID readers. Proposed designs allow for switching between linear and circular polarization. The first design does not require electronic switching as the polarization can be changed by choosing one of two available feeding terminals. Two remaining designs use PIN diode or FET SPDT switch.

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