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Gmach Elektrotechniki i Automatyki B ul. Sobieski pokój 319
(58) 347 12 86

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  • Monitoring of current collectors on the railway line

    Proper cooperation the current collectors and the overhead line is a pre-requisite for reliable and safe operation of railway transport. Instances of maladjustment and, in some cases, damage to the current collectors, occur between periodic inspections of the rolling stock. In order to detect such anomalies quickly, the test stand was developed, with the aim of monitoring the technical state of the current collectors under operating...

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  • Axial-Flux Permanent-Magnet Dual-Rotor Generator for a Counter-Rotating Wind Turbine

    Coaxial counter-rotating propellers have been widely applied in ships and helicopters for improving the propulsion efficiency and offsetting system reactive torques. Lately, the counter-rotating concept has been introduced into the wind turbine design. Distributed wind power generation systems often require a novel approach in generator design. In this paper, prototype development of axial-flux generator with a counter-rotating...

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  • Parametric Study on a Performance of a Small Counter-Rotating Wind Turbine

    - ENERGIES - Rok 2020

    A small Counter-Rotating Wind Turbine (CRWT) has been proposed and its performancehas been investigated numerically. Results of a parametric study have been presented in this paper.As parameters, the axial distance between rotors and a tip speed ratio of each rotor have been selected.Performance parameters have been compared with reference to a Single Rotor Wind Turbine (SRWT).Simulations were carried out with Computational Fluids...

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