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dr inż. arch. Dorota Dominika Kamrowska-Załuska

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  • The Use of Big Data in Regenerative Planning

    With the increasing significance of Big Data sources and their reliability for studying current urban development processes, new possibilities have appeared for analyzing the urban planning of contemporary cities. At the same time, the new urban development paradigm related to regenerative sustainability requires a new approach and hence a better understanding of the processes changing cities today, which will allow more efficient...

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  • Process of Emergence of Smart Specialisation in Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland

    The European Commission puts a growing emphasis on the smart specialization as a tool of regional development. This term is present in a number of strategic development documents in the European Union, including Europe 2020, published by the European Commission in 2010. It implies the need for countries and regions to specialize as well as focus the development of innovation on areas that are consistent with their endogenous potentials. Objectives...

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  • Participatory Budgeting in Poland – Missing Link in Urban Regeneration Process

    In last thirty years Poland has gone a long way toward democracy and decentralization. Role of public participation in planning is increasing rapidly and recently many new instruments of empowering the community is being introduced, participatory budgeting is one of the most important. On the other hand, urban regeneration is one of the most important challenges of polish cities are facing. Technical and transport infrastructure...

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  • 2011-11-28

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    dr inż. arch. Architektura i urbanistyka (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)

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