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mgr inż. Erwin Wojtczak


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  • Damage Imaging in Lamb Wave-Based Inspection of Adhesive Joints

    Adhesive bonding has become increasingly important in many industries. Non-destructive inspection of adhesive joints is essential for the condition assessment and maintenance of a structure containing such joints. The aim of this paper was the experimental investigation of the damage identification of a single lap adhesive joint of metal plate-like structures. Nine joints with different defects in the form of partial debonding...

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  • Detection of debonding in adhesive joints using Lamb wave propagation

    Adhesively bonded joints are widely used in many branches of industry. Mechanical degradation of this type of connections does not have significant symptoms that can be noticed during visual assessment, so non-destructive testing becomes a very important issue. The paper deals with experimental investigations of adhesively bonded steel plates with different defects. Five samples (an intact one and four with damages in the form...

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  • Lamb wave propagation in a single lap adhesive joint

    The aim of the paper is the analysis of Lamb wave propagation in adhesive joints. The research was performed on a single lap adhesive joint of two steel plates. Two types of joints, namely an intact and with defect were considered. In experimental investigations the condition assessment of the joint was performed with the use of antisymmetric Lamb waves excited by a plate piezo actuators and measured by a laser vibrometer. Numeri-cal...

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