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  • ICT and social development. Conceptual considerations.

    - Rok 2020

    This chapter is intended to provide basic ideas and concepts related to technology, technological progress and society. It explains how and why technology and society are interrelated, forming a dynamic, complex and interdependent evolutionary system. It introduces the terms Digital (ICT) Revolution and information and communication technologies (ICTs), showing elementary features of new technologies. The chapter explains why ICTs...

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  • Smart skills and education in a future economy

    - e-mentor - Rok 2018

    Whether the role of education is to prepare people for employment or to have meaningful lives in general, it will identify and develop skills and competencies, as well as vocational and personal attributes. Skills, such as critical thinking, novel ideation, and complex cognitive and social skills, are areas where humans continue to outperform smart machines. The purpose of this article is to review the skills and competencies that...

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  • Future Skills and Education in a Computerized World

    As computerization of Western economies has advanced, the supply of the demand for routine cognitive tasks and routine manual tasks has fallen. Computerization has increased labour input of nonroutine cognitive tasks which has favourized high educated workers. Similarly, there is clear evidence of an increase in demand for high skilled workforce which originates from poor machine performance of nonroutine...

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