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  • Teaching infrastructure urbanism to aid participatory planning

    The teaching of urban planning at faculties of architecture entails constant tension, caused by issues related to the priorities among urban design (the form) and urban planning (the process). The authors note that knowledge of the relationship between urban design and infrastructure planning, particularly within the realm of public debate within the local community, is of key importance in educating young urban planners. Described...

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  • The Urban Mentoring as a New Method of Participatory Urban Planning in Poland

    Twenty-five years after the return of democracy and the beginning of basing the country's economy on neoliberal developmental paradigm, Poland adopted the regulations regarding management of urban policy, which had been wait for over a decade (accession to the EU). The National Urban Policy as well as the Act on revitalization have defined, in a modern manner, the field of cooperation between the local government, the administration...

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  • The potential of urban agriculture in the revitalisation of a metropolis

    - Rok 2019

    In Poland, the topic addressing urban areas of agricultural production and gardening activity is still viewed in two main blocks: 1) a shift of the urbanized zone’s boundaries, causing dispersion of suburban buildings as well as creates conflict zone between the residential area and the production and post-production zones; 2) a socially contentious issue of restructuring the inner-city complexes of former employee allotments....

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  • 2005-02-02

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr Architektura i urbanistyka (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)

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