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dr hab. inż. Izabela Lubowiecka


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Profesor nadzwyczajny ze stop. nauk. dr hab.

Katedra Mechaniki Budowli
Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej i Środowiska

Miejsce pracy Gmach Główny
pokój 467

Telefon (58) 348 64 08

E-mail izabela.lubowiecka@wilis.pg.gda.pl

Wybrane publikacje

  1. Physical and mathematical modelling of implant-fascia system in order to improve laparoscopic repair of ventral hernia

    This paper describes an investigation of biomechanical behaviour of hernia repair, which is focused on the selection of safe linking of certain type of implant with fascia in laparoscopic operation. The strength of various fixations of the implant to the fascia is analysed. Methods: The research is based on experimental observations of operated hernia model behaviour during a dynamic impulse load corresponding to post-operative...
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  2. Experimentation, material modelling and simulation of bonded joints with a flexible adhesive

    I. Lubowiecka , M. Rodríguez , E. Rodríguez , D. Martínez - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADHESION AND ADHESIVES - 2012
    The paper deals with material parameters identification of a flexible adhesive and the numerical simulation of its behaviour in a single lap bonded joint. The material modelling was based on the simple shear and tensile-shear laboratory tests of the bonded joints made of thin aluminium and polyurethane plates with the flexible adhesive Terostat MS 9360 manufactured by Henkel AG & Co. The adhesive was considered as a hyperelastic...
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  3. Mathematical modelling of implant in an operated hernia for estimation of the repair persistence

    This paper presents mathematical modelling of an implanted surgical mesh used in the repair process of the abdominal hernia. The synthetic implant is simulated by a membrane structure. The author provides a material modelling of the implant based on the dense net model appropriate for technical fabrics. The accuracy of the proposed solution is evaluated by comparing the simulations of the dynamic behaviour of the system with the...
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