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Gmach Elektroniki Telekomunikacji i Informatyki pokój 750
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  • Detection Range of Intercept Sonar for CWFM Signals

    Stealth in military sonars applications may be ensured through the use of low power signals making them difficult to intercept by the enemy. In recent years, silent sonar design has been investigated by the Department of Marine Electronic Systems of the Gdansk University of Technology. This article provides an analysis of how an intercept sonar operated by the enemy can detect silent sonar signals. To that end a theoretical intercept...

  • Digital signal processing applied to the modernization of Polish Navy sonars

    The article presents the equipment and digital signal processing methods used for modernizing the Polish Navy’s sonars. With the rapid advancement of electronic technologies and digital signal processing methods, electronic systems, including sonars, become obsolete very quickly. In the late 1990s a team of researchers of the Department of Marine Electronics Systems, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, Gdansk...

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  • Distance measurement errors in silent FM-CW sonar with matched filtering

    The secretiveness of sonar operation can be achieved by using continuous frequency-modulated sounding signalswith reduced power and significantly prolonged repeat time. The application of matched filtration in the sonarreceiver provides optimal conditions for detection against the background of white noise and reverberation, and avery good resolution of distance measurements of motionless targets. The article shows that target...

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