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  • Genetic Programming with Negative Selection for Volunteer Computing System Optimization

    Volunteer computing systems like BOINC or Comcute are strongly supported by a great number of volunteers who contribute resources of their computers via the Web. So, the high efficiency of such grid system is required, and that is why we have formulated a multi-criterion optimization problem for a volunteer grid system design. In that dilemma, both the cost of the host system and workload of a bottleneck host are minimized. On...

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  • Big Data Processing by Volunteer Computing Supported by Intelligent Agents

    In this paper, volunteer computing systems have been proposed for big data processing. Moreover, intelligent agents have been developed to efficiency improvement of a grid middleware layer. In consequence, an intelligent volunteer grid has been equipped with agents that belong to five sets. The first one consists of some user tasks. Furthermore, two kinds of semi-intelligent tasks have been introduced to implement a middleware...

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  • Genetic Programming for Interaction Efficient Supporting in Volunteer Computing Systems

    Volunteer computing systems provide a middleware for interaction between project owners and great number volunteers. In this chapter, a genetic programming paradigm has been proposed to a multi-objective scheduler design for efficient using some resources of volunteer computers via the web. In a studied problem, genetic scheduler can optimize both a workload of a bottleneck computer and cost of system. Genetic programming has been...

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