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  • Assessment of the Environmental Impact of a Car Tire throughout Its Lifecycle Using the LCA Method

    • K. Piotrowska
    • W. Kruszelnicka
    • P. Bałdowska-Witos
    • R. Kasner
    • J. Rudnicki
    • A. Tomporowski
    • J. Flizikowski
    • M. Opielak

    - Materials - Rok 2019

    There are numerous threats to the natural environment that pose a significant risk both to the environment and to human health, including car tires. Thus, there is a need to determine the impact of the life cycle of car tires on the environment, starting with the processes of raw materials acquisition, production, and ending with end-of-life management. Therefore, the authors of this study chose to do research on passenger car...

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  • A Method for The Assessing of Reliability Characteristics Relevant to an Assumed Position-Fixing Accuracy in Navigational Positioning Systems

    - Polish Maritime Research - Rok 2016

    This paper presents a method which makes it possible to determine reliability characteristics of navigational positioning systems, relevant to an assumed value of permissible error in position fixing. The method allows to calculate: availability , reliability as well as operation continuity of position fixing system for an assumed, determined on the basis of formal requirements - both worldwide and national, position-fixing accuracy....

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  • Application Isssues of the Semi-Markov Reliability Model

    Predicting the reliability of marine internal combustion engines, for instance, is of particular importance, as it makes it possible to predict their future reliability states based on the information on the past states. Correct reliability prediction is a complex process which consists in processing empirical results obtained from operating practice, complemented by analytical considerations. The process of technical state changes...

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  • 2000-03-28

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr inż. Budowa i eksploatacja maszyn (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    Politechnika Szczecińska Wydział Techniki Morskiej

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