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  • Interactions with recognized patients using smart glasses

    - Rok 2015

    Recently, different smart glasses solutions have been proposed on the market. The rapid development of this wearable technology has led to several research projects related to applications of smart glasses in healthcare. In this paper we propose a general architecture of the system enabling data integration for the recognized person. In the proposed system smart glasses integrates data obtained for the recognized patient from health...

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  • Color transformation methods for dichromats

    Color blindness is a serious perception problem. Suffering individuals cannot understand messages, which are carrying by many images, especially those, distributed by WWW. In this paper we are proposing three image processing methods to enhance image recognition and understanding by persons with dichromacy. Color difference image is introduced to represent color perception dissimilarity. Two color transformation methods are presented....

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  • Reliability of Pulse Measurements in Videoplethysmography

    Reliable, remote pulse rate measurement is potentially very important for medical diagnostics and screening. In this paper the Videoplethysmography was analyzed especially to verify the possible use of signals obtained for the YUV color model in order to estimate the pulse rate, to examine what is the best pulse estimation method for short video sequences and finally, to analyze how potential PPG-signals can be distinguished from...

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