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  • Asynchronous WAM with Irregular Pulse Repetition

    Radiolocation systems for aviation based on Multi-Lateration (MLAT) typically use a set of synchronised ground sensors to receive radio signals broadcast by onboard transmitters. In most cases, the sensor synchronisation in Wide Area Multi-Lateration Systems (WAM) is provided by Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers. However, in the case of synchronisation failure, there is still a possibility to estimate the coordinates...

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  • Detection of the First Component of the Received LTE Signal in the OTDoA Method

    In a modern world there is a growing demand for localization services of various kinds. Position estimation can be realized via cellular networks, especially in the currently widely deployed LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks. However, it is not an easy task in harsh propagation conditions which often occur in dense urban environments. Recently, time-methods of terminal localization within the network have been the focus of attention,...

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