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  • Analysis of hydrodynamic pressure fields of motorboats and pontoons in shallow water

    The article presents the results of calculations of the pressure fields generated by a motorboat at the bottom of a shallow sea. Calculations were made using the boundary elements method (BEM), arranged on the surface of the boat and the bottom of the sea. This method is described in [3], and applied on a free surface linearized boundary condition. Results for four different lengths of motorboats, from 2.85 m to 9.5 m, sea depth...

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  • Comparison between measured and calculated underwater pressure of merchant ship

    - HYDROACOUSTICS - Rok 2016

    From 2012 The Polish Naval Academy take part in an international research project SIRAMIS, carried out in the framework of the European Defence Agency. The objective of this project is to improve the understanding of ship signature interaction with multi influence sensors in relevant and realistic scenario's. This paper describes selected results of the comparison results of sea trials and model calculations of the hydrodynamic...

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  • The hydrodynamic pressure field of the ship Zodiak, measurements and calculations

    The article presents the results of measurements of the slowly changing hydrodynamic pressure field HPF generated by the movement of the ship, Zodiak, in the Bay of Gdansk. The measurement results have been obtained in the framework of the program of the work in Siramis, under the auspices of the European Defence Administration of the EU, by the research team of the Naval Academy in Gdynia. The measurement results were compared with...

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