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  • Is Digital Government Advancing Sustainable Governance? A Study of OECD/EU Countries

    International bodies and numerous authors advocate a key role for Digital Government (DG) in improving public governance and achieving other policy outcomes. Today, a particularly relevant outcome is advancing Sustainable Governance (SG), i.e., the capacity to steer and coordinate public action towards sustainable development. This article performs an empirical study of the relationship between DG and SG using data about 41 OECD/EU...

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  • Chain Action - How Do Countries Add Value Through Digital Government?

    This study examineshow countries develop and benefit from Digital Government(DG).The literature proposes various conceptualizations of the value-adding logic of DG, but the benchmarking practice is not respondingto such proposals.For instance, the United Nations’E-Government Surveycombines the readiness and uptake indicatorsand failsto cover any impactindicators;thus,its diagnostic valueis limited. To overcome...

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  • Benchmarking the Digital Government Value Chain

    Digital Government (DG) benchmarking is an academically vivid topic and, equally important, a tool with the potential to provide valuable insights to policymakers and public managers responsible for digital policies at the level of countries and international bodies. Alas, this potential remains largely untapped in the current DG benchmarking practice. In our study, we identify the reasons and propose a way of mitigating them....

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