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  • Detection and Mitigation of GPS Spoofing Based on Antenna Array Processing

    In this article authors present an application of spatial processing methods for GPS spoofing detection and mitigation. In the first part of this article, a spoofing detection method, based on phase delay measurements, is proposed. Accuracy and precision of phase delay estimation is assessed for various qualities of received signal. Spoofing detection thresholds are determined. Efficiency of this method is evaluated in terms of...

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  • A Multi-Antenna Scheme for Early Detection and Mitigation of Intermediate GNSS Spoofing

    - SENSORS - Rok 2019

    This article presents a method for detecting and mitigating intermediate GNSS spoofing. In this type of attack, at its early stage, a spoofer transmits counterfeit signals which have slight time offsets compared to true signals arriving from satellites. The anti-spoofing method proposed in this article fuses antenna array processing techniques with a multipath detection algorithm. The latter is necessary to separate highly correlated...

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  • Accuracy of Differential Phase Delay Estimation for GPS Spoofing Detection

    - Rok 2013

    GPS spoofing is an attack based on transmission of false signals to target receivers, in order to force the computation of incorrect time, position or velocity information. It is a threat which is recently considered with continuously growing awareness. There is a need for effective way of GPS spoofing detection. Many groups of methods are proposed in the literature. Spatial processing methods are considered to be robust in a wide...

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