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Gmach Główny pokój 520
(58) 347 18 41

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  • Development of tools for road infrastructure safety management for the provinces (voivodeships) in Poland

    The development of modern tools for road infrastructure safety management will help to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries as one of the main objectives adopted in 2013 in the National Road Safety Programme 2014-2020 and the new Road Safety Programme 2011-2020 in the EU. Risk Management in Highway Engineering can be applied in developing tools essential in the process of safety management. Risk Management in Highway...

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  • Testing the durability and function of road traffic management devices

    - MATEC Web of Conferences - 2017

    Traffic management measures (vertical signs and horizontal marking, reflective elements) are used for guiding vehicles optically, indicating road mileage, marking objects in road gauge, marking vehicle and pedestrian safeguards and driver information and warning. This paper presents a synthesis of a literature study and the results of research conducted under stage one of the project LifeRoSE. The requirements for different traffic...

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  • Modelling fatalities on regional road networks

    During the last decade Poland’s road fatalities went down by 44%. The trend differs from region to region. Effective road safetymanagement in regions requires tools for forecasting road safety measures and identifying factors influencing road fatality numbers. Mathematical models can provide such tools. They take into account local characteristics such as: demography, economy, infrastructure and motorization. Such models could...

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