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Rok 2023
Rok 2022
  • Curlicues generated by circle homeomorphisms

    We investigate the curves in the complex plane which are generated by sequences of real numbers being the lifts of the points on the orbit of an orientation preserving circle homeomorphism. Geometrical properties of these curves such as boundedness, superficiality, local discrete radius of curvature are linked with dynamical properties of the circle homeomorphism which generates them: rotation number and its continued fraction...

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  • On Computing Curlicues Generated by Circle Homeomorphisms

    The dataset entitled Computing dynamical curlicues contains values of consecutive points on a curlicue generated, respectively, by rotation on the circle by different angles, the Arnold circle map (with various parameter values) and an exemplary sequence as well as corresponding diameters and Birkhoff averages of these curves. We additionally provide source codes of the Matlab programs which can be used to generate and plot the...

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Rok 2021
Rok 2018
  • Dynamics of Field Line Mappings in Magnetic Flux Tubes

    We study the topological constraints on the dynamics of magnetic field lines in flux tubes. Our approach is based on the application of the topological invariant: fixed point index. We consider periodic flux tubes and find various restrictions on the field lines that come from the sequence of fixed point indices of iterations. We also analyze the case of a tube with a cylindrical obstacle, deducing some special dynamical properties...

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  • Integrate-and-fire models with an almost periodic input function


    We investigate leaky integrate-and-fire models (LIF models for short) driven by Stepanov and μ-almost periodic functions. Special attention is paid to the properties of the firing map and its displacement, which give information about the spiking behavior of the considered system. We provide conditions under which such maps are well-defined and are uniformly continuous. We show that the LIF models with Stepanov almost periodic...

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Rok 2017
Rok 2015
Rok 2014
Rok 2013
  • Centrum Zastosowań Matematyki

    Projekt Centrum Zastosowan Matematyki realizowany jest przy Wydziale Fizyki Technicznej i Matematyki Stosowanej Politechniki Gdanskiej od wrzesnia 2013 do sierpnia 2015 roku. W drodze konkursu organizowanego przez Narodowe Centrum Badan i Rozwoju uzyskał on dofinansowanie w wysokosci niemal dwa miliony złotych ze srodków Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego. Zadania projektu obejmuja: stworzenie platformy internetowej, organizacje cyklu...

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Rok 2012
Rok 2011
  • Firing map of an almost periodic input function

    In mathematical biology and the theory of electric networks the firing map of an integrate-and-fire system is a notion of importance. In order to prove useful properties of this map authors of previous papers assumed that the stimulus function f of the system ẋ = f(t,x) is continuous and usually periodic in the time variable. In this work we show that the required properties of the firing map for the simplified model ẋ = f(t) still...

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Rok 2009

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