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dr inż. Justyna Signerska-Rynkowska

  • Parameter values for topological chaos in the reduced Chialvo model

    The following dataset is connected with a map-based neuron model introduced by D. Chialvo (Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 5 (3-4) 1995). The reduced version of this model is a one dimensional discrete system which describes the evolution of the membrane voltage when the value of the second variable, the recovery variable, is fixed. We have recently...

  • Dynamics of S-unimodal maps used in population modeling.

    Dane Badawcze

    S-unimodal maps are maps of the interval with negative Schwarzian derivative and having only one turning point (such that the map is increasing to the left of the turning point and decreasing to the right of it). Theory of S-unimodal maps is now a well-developed branch of discrete dynamical systems, including famous Singer theorem which implies existence...

  • Computing dynamical curlicues

    A curlicue is a piece-wise linear curve in the complex plane which can be generated by an arbitrary sequence of real numbers u_n. It can be interpreted as a trajectory of a particle in the plane which starts in the origin at time t=0 and moves with a constant velocity, changing its direction at instances t=0,1,2,3,..., where the new direction is given...

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