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Rok 2023
  • Kagome Lattice Promotes Chiral Spin Fluctuations
    • K. Kolincio
    • M. Hirschberger
    • J. Masell
    • T. Arima
    • N. Nagaosa
    • Y. Tokura


    Dynamical spin fluctuations in magnets can be endowed with a slight bent toward left- or right-handed chirality by Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions. However, little is known about the crucial role of lattice geometry on these chiral spin fluctuations and on fluctuation-related transport anomalies driven by the quantum-mechanical (Berry) phase of conduction electrons. Via thermoelectric Nernst effect and electric Hall effect experiments,...

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  • Correlation between charge density waves and antiferromagnetism in Nd1−xGdxNiC2 solid solutions

    We report a study on the evolution of a charge density wave and antiferromagnetism in the series of the polycrystalline solid solution Nd1−xGdxNiC2 (0 _ x _ 1) by means of magnetic and transport properties measurements. The experimental results reveal the violation of the de Gennes law and a strong correlation between the Peierls, Néel, and Curie-Weiss temperatures, which strongly suggests a cooperative interaction between the...

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  • Extended phase diagram of RNiC2 family: Linear scaling of the Peierls temperature

    Physical properties for the late-lanthanide-based RNiC2 (R = Dy, Ho, Er, and Tm) ternary compounds are reported. All the compounds show antiferromagnetic ground state with the Néel temperature ranging from 3.4 K for HoNiC2 to 8.5 K for ErNiC2. The results of the transport and galvanomagnetic properties confirm a charge density wave state at and above room temperature with transition temperatures TCDW = 284, 335, 366, and 394 K for...

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  • Spin-glass behavior in a binary Pr 3 Ir intermetallic compound

    Polycrystalline Pr3Ir was synthesized by arc melting. Its cementite-type crystal structure (Pnma) was confirmed by powder X-ray diffraction and estimated lattice parameters are in agreement with literature. Physical properties were measured by means of the ac and dc magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity and heat capacity. Our results indicate spin-glass behavior in Pr3Ir with a freezing temperature Tf = 6.58 K and activation...

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  • Structural and physical characterization of NpPt2In7


    A new neptunium intermetallic compound, NpPt2In7, has been synthesized in polycrystalline form and characterized by several macroscopic techniques. A Rietveld analysis of its powder x-ray diffraction pattern shows that NpPt2In7 crystallizes in a tetragonal lattice with I4/mmm symmetry and lattice parameters a = 4.58471(3) Å, c = 21.5065(3) Å. Magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity, Hall effect, and heat capacity measurements indicate...

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