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  • The use of constructed wetlands for the treatment of industrial wastewater

    Constructed wetlands are characterized by specific conditions enabling simultaneous various physical and biochemical processes. This is the result of specific environment for the growth of microorganisms and hydro-phytes (aquatic and semiaquatic plants) which are capable of living in aerobic, anaerobic and facultative anaerobic conditions. Their interaction contributes to the intensification of oxidation and reduction responsible...

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  • Kinetics of nitrogen removal processes in constructed wetlands

    The aim of this paper is to present a state-of-the-art review of the kinetics of nitrogen removal in constructed wetlands. Biological processes of nitrogen removal from wastewater can be described using equations and kinetic models. Hence, these kinetic models which have been developed and evaluated allow for predicting the removal of nitrogen in treatment wetlands. One of the most important, first order removal model, which is...

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  • Effectiveness of pollutants removal in hybrid constructed wetlands – different configurations case study

    - 2017

    In recent years, an increase in interest in hybrid constructed wetland systems (HCWs) has been observed. The aim of the paper is to compare different HCW configurations in terms of mass removal rates and efficiency of pollutants removal. Analysed data have been collected at multistage constructed wetlands in Poland, which are composed by at least two beds: horizontal subsurface flow (SSHF) and vertical subsurface flow (SSVF). The...

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