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  • The instantaneous frequency rate spectogram

    An accelerogram of the instantaneous phase of signal components referred to as an instantaneous frequency rate spectrogram (IFRS) is presented as a joint time-frequency distribution. The distribution is directly obtained by processing the short-time Fourier transform (STFT) locally. A novel approach to amplitude demodulation based upon the reassignment method is introduced as a useful by-product. Additionally, an estimator of energy...

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  • A fast time-frequency multi-window analysis using a tuning directional kernel


    In this paper, a novel approach for time-frequency analysis and detection, based on the chirplet transform and dedicated to non-stationary as well as multi-component signals, is presented. Its main purpose is the estimation of spectral energy, instantaneous frequency (IF), spectral delay (SD), and chirp rate (CR) with a high time-frequency resolution (separation ability) achieved by adaptive fitting of the transform kernel. We...

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  • Fast bubble dynamics and sizing


    Single bubble sizing is usually performed by measuring the resonant bubble response using the Dual Frequency Ultrasound Method. However, in practice, the use of millisecond-duration chirp-like waves yields nonlinear distortions of the bubble oscillations. In comparison with the resonant curve obtained under harmonic excitation, it was observed that the bubble dynamic response shifted by up to 20 percent of the resonant frequency...

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