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  • Chirp Rate and Instantaneous Frequency Estimation: Application to Recursive Vertical Synchrosqueezing


    This letter introduces new chirp rate and instantaneous frequency estimators designed for frequency-modulated signals. These estimators are first investigated from a deterministic point of view, then compared together in terms of statistical efficiency. They are also used to design new recursive versions of the vertically synchrosqueezed short-time Fourier transform, using a previously published method (D. Fourer, F. Auger, and...

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  • The instantaneous frequency rate spectogram

    An accelerogram of the instantaneous phase of signal components referred to as an instantaneous frequency rate spectrogram (IFRS) is presented as a joint time-frequency distribution. The distribution is directly obtained by processing the short-time Fourier transform (STFT) locally. A novel approach to amplitude demodulation based upon the reassignment method is introduced as a useful by-product. Additionally, an estimator of energy...

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  • A fast time-frequency multi-window analysis using a tuning directional kernel

    - SIGNAL PROCESSING - Rok 2018

    In this paper, a novel approach for time-frequency analysis and detection, based on the chirplet transform and dedicated to non-stationary as well as multi-component signals, is presented. Its main purpose is the estimation of spectral energy, instantaneous frequency (IF), spectral delay (SD), and chirp rate (CR) with a high time-frequency resolution (separation ability) achieved by adaptive fitting of the transform kernel. We...

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