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  • Interaction with medical data using QR-codes

    Bar-codes and QR-codes (Quick Response ) are often used in healthcare. In this paper an application of QR-codes to exchange of laboratory results is presented. The secure data exchange is proposed between a laboratory and a patient and between a patient and Electronic Health Records. Advanced Encryption Standard was used to provide security of data encapsulated within a QR-code. The experimental setup, named labSeq is described....

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  • Gesture Recognition With the Linear Optical Sensor and Recurrent Neural Networks

    In this paper, the optical linear sensor, a representative of low-resolution sensors, was investigated in the multiclass recognition of near-field hand gestures. The recurrent neural network (RNN) with a gated recurrent unit (GRU) memory cell was utilized as a gestures classifier. A set of 27 gestures was collected from a group of volunteers. The 27 000 sequences obtained were divided into training, validation, and test subsets....

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  • Septic safe interactions with smart glasses in health care

    In this paper, septic safe methods of interaction with smart glasses, due to the health care environment applications consideration, are presented. The main focus is on capabilities of an optical, proximity-based gesture sensor and eye-tracker input systems. The design of both interfaces is being adapted to the open smart glasses platform that is being developed under the eGlasses project. Preliminary results obtained from the...

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