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Budynek C Wydz. Chemii
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  • Poloxamer: A versatile tri-block copolymer for biomedical applications

    • P. Zarrintaj
    • J. D. Ramsey
    • A. Samadi
    • Z. Atoufi
    • M. K. Yazdi
    • M. Ganjali
    • L. M. Amirabad
    • E. Zangene
    • M. Farokhi
    • K. Formela... i 3 innych

    - Acta Biomaterialia - Rok 2020

    Poloxamers, also called Pluronic, belong to a unique class of synthetic tri-block copolymers containing central hydrophobic chains of poly(propylene oxide) sandwiched between two hydrophilic chains of poly(ethylene oxide). Some chemical characteristics of poloxamers such as temperature-dependent self-assembly and thermo-reversible behavior along with biocompatibility and physiochemical properties make poloxamer-based biomaterials...

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  • Potential applications of crude glycerol in polymer technology–Current state and perspectives

    The increasing use of bio-based fuels and fuel additives, among them biodiesel, causes significant surplus of crude glycerol on the market which creates new challenges in terms of its sustainable utilization. A lot of ways for the incorporation of this by-product into different branches of industry requires purification by expensive and complicated processes. Therefore, researchers are seeking for applications of untreated crude...

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  • Properties of nano-Fe3O4 incorporated epoxy coatings from Cure Index perspective

    • M. Jouyandeh
    • N. Rahmati
    • E. Movahedifar
    • B. Hadavand
    • Z. Karami
    • M. Ghaffari
    • P. Taheri
    • E. Bakhshandeh
    • H. Vahabi
    • M. Ganjali... i 2 innych


    The mission of an advanced epoxy-based nanocomposite coating is to provide a given substrate with protection against an unwelcome guest; e.g. corrosive molecules/media, environmental stress, flame, thermal degradation or microorganisms. In such systems, the degree to which superior properties can be guaranteed depends on the state of network formation in the epoxy in the presence of nanoparticles. For low-filled epoxy nanocomposite coatings,...

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  • 2014-12-03

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr inż. Technologia chemiczna (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)

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