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  • An integrated e-learning services management system providing HD videoconferencing and CAA services

    - Rok 2012

    In this paper we present a novel e-learning services management system, designed to provide highly modifiable platform for various e-learning tools, able to fulfill its function in any network connectivity conditions (including no connectivity scenario). The system can scale from very simple setup (adequate for servicing a single exercise) to a large, distributed solution fit to support an enterprise. Strictly modular architecture...

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  • Cross-layer mDNS/ARP integration for IEEE 802.11s Wireless mesh Network

    - Rok 2016

    Popularization of mobile computing devices created a need for robust, efficient and ubiquitous methods of communication and network access. At the same time, evolution and standardization of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technologies made them an attractive solution for building of complex network systems. Moreover, growing maturity of WLAN standards such as IEEE 802.11 allows for introduction of WLAN architectures other than...

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