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  • imPlatelet classifier: image‐converted RNA biomarker profiles enable blood‐based cancer diagnostics

    • K. Pastuszak
    • A. Supernat
    • M. G. Best
    • S. In ‘t Veld
    • S. Łapińska‐szumczyk
    • A. Łojkowska
    • R. Różański
    • A. Żaczek
    • J. Jassem
    • T. Würdinger
    • T. Stokowy

    - Molecular Oncology - Rok 2021

    Liquid biopsies offer a minimally invasive sample collection, outperforming traditional biopsies employed for cancer evaluation. The widely used material is blood, which is the source of tumor-educated platelets. Here, we developed the imPlatelet classifier, which converts RNA-sequenced platelet data into images in which each pixel corresponds to the expression level of a certain gene. Biological knowledge from the Kyoto Encyclopedia...

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  • Bortezomib induces methylation changes in neuroblastoma cells that appear to play a significant role in resistance development to this compound

    • K. Łuczkowska
    • K. E. Sokołowska
    • O. Taryma-Leśniak
    • K. Pastuszak
    • A. Supernat
    • J. Bybjerg-Grauholm
    • L. L. Hansen
    • E. Paczkowska
    • T. K. Wojdacz
    • B. Machaliński

    - Scientific Reports - Rok 2021

    The anticancer activity of bortezomib (BTZ) has been increasingly studied in a number of indications and promising results for the use of this treatment have been shown in neuroblastoma. As BTZ treatment is usually administered in cycles, the development of resistance and side effects in patients undergoing therapy with BTZ remains a major challenge for the clinical usage of this compound. Common resistance development also means...

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  • Transcriptomic landscape of blood platelets in healthy donors

    • A. Supernat
    • M. Popęda
    • K. Pastuszak
    • M. G. Best
    • P. Grešner
    • S. I. ’. Veld
    • B. Siek
    • N. Bednarz-Knoll
    • M. T. Rondina
    • T. Stokowy... i 3 innych

    - Scientific Reports - Rok 2021

    Blood platelet RNA-sequencing is increasingly used among the scientific community. Aberrant platelet transcriptome is common in cancer or cardiovascular disease, but reference data on platelet RNA content in healthy individuals are scarce and merit complex investigation. We sought to explore the dynamics of platelet transcriptome. Datasets from 204 healthy donors were used for the analysis of splice variants, particularly with...

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