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  • Research into the Movements of Surface Water Masses in the Basins Adjacent to the Port

    J. Pyrchla, K. Pyrchla, M. Kowalewski, M. Leyk, L. Kasyk, M. Kijewska - 2016
    This paper presents the results of the practical and simulation research into determining the routes of movement of small objects moving together with surface water masses in basins adjacent to the port. The results of this research were referenced against the modelling of routes of small objects in port channel basins. The results of practical research concerning the movement of small objects in basins adjacent to the port were...
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  • Integration and Visualization of the Results of Hydrodynamic Models in the Maritime Network-Centric GIS of Gulf of Gdansk

    J. Pyrchla, M. Kowalewski, M. Leyk-Wesolowska, K. Pyrchla - 2016
    Ensuring of security in the coastal area makes on a seaside countries research in the field of infrastructure spatial information of environmental data. The paper presents the results of work on the construction of this infrastructure by integrating electronic navigational chart with ortophotomaps of coastal areas as well as numerical data from weather and hydrodynamic models. Paper focuses on a problems associated with creating...
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  • Hydrographic Multisensory Unmanned Watercraft

    This article describes the design of the unmanned surface vessel (USV) and the algorithms for planning the trajectories to be followed on measurement missions. The algorithms take account of the dynamically varying impacts of external forces (wind and surface current) on the vessel's motion. Feedback loops enable the counteraction of external factors that cause disturbance to the desired trajectory. The sensors installed on the...
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