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Rok 2022
  • A model of the response of the MGS-6 gravity sensor to tilting

    The reliable interpretation of the measurements made by the Micro-g marine gravimetric system (MGS-6) depends on how the temporary changes of the scale coefficients such as gravimeter scale factor, vertical cross-coupling (VCC) effect, tiltmeter cross and tiltmeter long are compensated for during the signal analysis. The listed coefficients cannot be determined from readings during the measurements or by analysing the final data....

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Rok 2021
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Rok 2018
Rok 2017
  • Fuzzy Sets in the GIS Environment in the Location of Objects on the Surface of Water Bodies

    The issue presented here focuses on concerns about the localization of the object on water surface. The article shows how to facilitate localization process by applying mathematical solutions characterized by simplicity, rapid action and delivering credible results. The paper shows the results of background experiments, which enabled to collect technical parameters needed for conducting simulation testing. The research has been...

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  • Study of the Flow Dynamics of Surface Water Masses in the Area of the Coastal Gulf of Gdansk

    - Rok 2017

    The paper describes two methods of predicting the movement of small objects with surface water masses. One of the methods uses graph theory to describe the motion of water masses in port docks. The results of this study were compared to a simulation using the hydrodynamic numerical model M3D. The results obtained in a virtual environment were related to the experiments in the real world. In the coastal area of the Gulf of Gdansk,...

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Rok 2016

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