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  • On the Usefulness of the Generalised Additive Model for Mean Path Loss Estimation in Body Area Networks

    In this article, the usefulness of the Generalised Additive Model for mean path loss estimation in Body Area Networks is investigated. The research concerns a narrow-band indoor off-body network operating at 2.45 GHz, being based on measurements performed with four different users. The mean path loss is modelled as a sum of four components that depend on path length, antenna orientation angle, absolute difference between transmitting...

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  • Properties and interpretation of Instantaneous Complex Frequency


    The concept of Instantaneous Complex Frequency (ICF) was first defined by Lindon and developed mainly in works of two authors S. Hahn and M. Rojewski. Although it is not widely used in signal analysis, ICF was already used as a complex signal representation in the verification of handwritten signatures, pitch estimation, symbol timing recovery in PSK receiver and in detection of anomalies in data transmission. It should be noted,...

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  • N-point estimators of the Instantaneous Complex Frequency

    - Rok 2011

    In this paper estimators of the instantaneous complex frequency (ICF) are presented and discussed. The differential approach for the estimation of the ICF is used, therefore the estimators are based on maximally flat N-point FIR filters: differential and delay. The investigation of the filter performance includes static characteristics of ICF estimation and the error of the ICF estimation in the discrete frequency domain.W pracy...

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