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Budynek Wydziału Oceanotechniki i Okrętownictwa pokój 216
(58) 347 19 07

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  • Living and working beneath the sea – next approach

    The idea of living beneath the sea is very new if compared with millennia of shipping activity. In fact, ocean surface was considered mainly as medium suitable for transport of persons and goods as well as aggression and robbery. More practical attempts to live “on” the water surface are limited to well protected internal waters. The presented concept of “an underwater-above water accommodation, especially for residential purposes”...

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  • Per mare ad astra space technology, governance and law

    - 2019

    The monograph is dedicated to selected issues presented throughout the cycle of conferences organized in 2019 by the Committee of Space Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, branch in Gdańsk, in cooperation with Baltic Marine and Space Cluster. The issues are connected with combining the matters regarding technology, management and law applicable to activities performed in space; the application of autonomous and unmanned...

  • Jerzy Doerffer - twórca przemysłu okrętowego w Polsce

    - 2016

    Nota biograficzna Jerzego W. Doerffera, ur 21 kwietnia w Wielkiej Łące

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