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  • Novel, Fully Biobased Semicrystalline Polyamides

    - MACROMOLECULES - Rok 2011

    Novel, semicrystalline polyamides and co(polyamides) were synthesized from biobased sebacic acid (SA), 2,5-diamino-2,5-dideoxy-1,4;3,6-dianhydroiditol (diaminoisoidide, DAII) as well as from 1,4-diaminobutane (DAB), also known as putrescine in nature. Low molecular weight polyamides were obtained by melt polycondensation of the salts based on these monomers or by interfacial polycondensation. In order to increase their molecular...

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  • Semicrystalline Polyesters Based on a Novel Renewable Building Block

    • J. Wu
    • P. Eduard
    • S. Thiyagarajan
    • L. Jasińska-Walc
    • A. Rozanski
    • C. Fonseca Guerra
    • B. A. J. Noordover
    • J. Van Haveren
    • C. E. Koning

    - MACROMOLECULES - Rok 2012

    Isohexides, like e.g. isosorbide, are well-known carbohydrate-based rigid diols which are capable of dramatically increasing the glass transition temperature of polyesters. However, their relatively low reactivity has thus far hampered large-scale industrial applications in the polymer field. Recently, with the aim to increase reactivity while at the same time retain rigidity, we have developed a new isoidide dicarboxylic acid...

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  • Linear and branched polyester resins based on dimethyl-2,5-furandicarboxylate for coating applications


    In this study, novel bio-based hydroxyl-functional (co)polyesters from dimethyl-2, 5-furandicarboxylate (DMF), 2,3-butanediol, and a variety of comonomers viz. glycerol, pentaerythritol or trimethylolpropane are prepared using a solvent-free, bulk polycondensation technique. Extensive molecular and thermal characterization was performed to elucidate the properties of these materials. The materials showed suitable properties for solvent-borne...

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  • 2008-02-27

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    dr inż. Technologia chemiczna (Dziedzina nauk chemicznych)

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