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  • The International Mercury Cartel, 1928–1954: Controlling Global Supply

    - Business History Review - Rok 2015

    This article describes the features of the international mercury marketduringthe firsthalfofthetwentiethcentury.Itanalyzes the various market agreements made, their effectiveness, and their consequences. The period studied is little understood, although it was one in which mercury production greatly increased. It was also one that saw persistent efforts at market manipulation, owing to a series of agreements between Spanish and...

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  • Un nuovo fiume carsico. La deindustrializzazione in Italia nel dibattito pubblico

    The article examines the evolution of the debate on deindustrialization in Italy since its first appearance in 1980's up to the present day. Dramatic alarms alternate with long silences in a framework, both national and international, in which the most important economic organizations are struggling, apparently without success, to find a common definition of deindustrialization.

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  • Appunti di corporate governance

    - Rok 2021

    Il libro pone la proprietà al centro di tutte le scelte rilevanti che l’impresa compie: in particolare affronta il «problema» del governo il tema della corporate governance dalla prospettiva della proprietà e in un’accezione più ampia e articolata rispetto agli studi di matrice anglosassone. In questo contesto, si analizza il tema delle relazioni tra proprietà, governo corporate governance e strategia corporate delle imprese, con...

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