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Wybrane publikacje

  • Media architecture: participation through the senses

    Pervasive media and interactive technologies have become inseparable not only from our everyday life but also from architecture and city spaces. However, the generic use of new technologies in the design process and material production that affects contemporary architecture, results in buildings that become mere visual objects losing their hapticity and non-visual qualities. Despite the substantial advancement in the research studies...

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  • From structures to landscapes – towards re-conceptualization of the urban condition

    - 2017

    This paper presents an original approach towards the phenomena of re-naturalization of cities and indicates its possible consequences for the urban design and planning strategies. It focuses on the ongoing shift “from structures to landscapes” in understanding urban conditions. While modern architecture introduced geomet-ric compositions against the background of nature, early modern theories of architects and sociologists started...

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  • Reasons for Implementing Movement in Kinetic Architecture

    The paper gives insights into different forms of movement in contemporary architecture and examines them based on the reasons for their implementation. The main objective of the paper is to determine: the degree to which the complexity of kinematic architecture results from functional and spatial needs and what other motivations there are. The method adopted to investigate these questions involves theoretical studies and comparative analyses...

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Uzyskane stopnie/tytuły naukowe

  • 2007-06-06

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr hab. inż. arch. Architektura i urbanistyka (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)
    Wydział Architektury Politechnika Wrocławska
  • 1995-07-14

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr inż. arch. Architektura i urbanistyka (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)

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