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  • On the complexity of distributed graph coloring with local minimality constraints

    - NETWORKS - 2009

    Artykuł traktuje o zachłannym kolorowaniu grafów w modelu rozproszonym. Omówiono algorytmy rozproszone, dające w wyniku pokolorowanie spełniające warunki dla pokolorowań sekwencyjnych typu S oraz Largest-First (LF). Udowodniono również, że każda rozproszona implementacja algorytmu S wymaga co najmniej Omega(log n / log log n) rund, a algorytmu LF co najmniej Omega (n^{1/2}) rund, gdzie n oznacza liczbę wierzchołków grafu.

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  • Distributed graph searching with a sense of direction

    In this work we consider the edge searching problem for vertex-weighted graphs with arbitrarily fast and invisible fugitive. The weight function w provides for each vertex v the minimum number of searchers required to guard v, i.e., the fugitive may not pass through v without being detected only if at least w(v) searchers are present at v. This problem is a generalization of the classical edge searching problem, in which one has...

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  • Distributed Evacuation in Graphs with Multiple Exits

    We consider the problem of efficient evacuation using multiple exits. We formulate this problem as a discrete problem on graphs where mobile agents located in distinct nodes of a given graph must quickly reach one of multiple possible exit nodes, while avoiding congestion and bottlenecks. Each node of the graph has the capacity of holding at most one agent at each time step. Thus, the agents must choose their movements strategy...

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