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  • Numerical assessment of ultimate strength of severe corroded stiffened plates


    The objective of this work is to investigate numerically (using the non-linear FEM and the approach stipulated by the Common Structural Rules) the severe nonuniform corrosion degradation effect on the ultimate strength of stiffened plates and compare the results to the already published experimental works. Different factors governing structural behavior of corroded stiffened plates are investigated, such as corrosion degradation level,...

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  • Updating Finite Element Model of a Wind Turbine Blade Section Using Experimental Modal Analysis Results

    • M. Łuczak
    • S. Manzato
    • B. Peeters
    • K. Branner
    • P. Berring
    • M. Kahsin

    - SHOCK AND VIBRATION - Rok 2014

    This paper presents selected results and aspects of themultidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research oriented for the experimental and numerical study of the structural dynamics of a bend-twist coupled full scale section of awind turbine blade structure.Themain goal of the conducted research is to validate finite elementmodel of themodified wind turbine blade section mounted in the flexible support structure accordingly to the...

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  • A method to determine the tightening sequence for standing rigging of a mast

    The article proposes an alternative method to determine the sequence of generation of pre-tension forces in standing rigging of a mast. The proposed approach has been verified on both a virtual simulation experiment and laboratory tests. In this method, the desired tension values are obtained using the influence matrix which allows to calculate the effect of tension change in an individual rope on the tension distribution in the...

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