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Punkty Ministerialne: Pomoc

Punkty Ministerialne
2021 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
Punkty Ministerialne
Rok Punkty Lista
2021 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2020 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2019 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2018 7 B
2017 7 B
2016 7 B
2015 7 B
2014 6 B
2013 6 B
2012 4 B
2011 4 B

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  • A Preliminary Study and Analysis of Tidal Stream Generators

    - Acta Energetica - 2020

    For a sustainable future, tidal energy can play a vital role. Tidal energy relies on the gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun along with the centrifugal forces created by the Earth. Tidal barrage uses the potential energy from the tide and has been very successful in electricity production. With the help of a turbine, kinetic energy can also be harnessed from tidal currents to generate electricity. However, it is not economically...

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  • Oversizing the photovoltaic generator capacity in a micro photovoltaic plant

    A significant part of photovoltaic micro installations in Poland is characterized by photovoltaic generator oversizing in relation to the inverter. The idea of oversizing, however, still raises doubts among some plant owners. In the paper, the energy yield of installation with an oversized and not oversized photovoltaic generator is presented on selected examples, showing the legitimacy of oversizing.

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  • Ranking of Generation Source Locations by a Hybrid Multi-Criteria Method

    The paper presents a ranking of the locations of eight renewable energy sources (RES) made using a hybrid multi-criteria analysis method. The method is a combination of the analytical hierarchical process (AHP) method and numerical taxonomy. The considered generating sources, i.e. solar plants, biogas plants, and wind farms are sources that will significantly contribute to implementing the provisions of the energy and climate package...

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