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2020 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
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2020 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2019 5 Czasopisma spoza wykazu ministerialnego
2018 7 B
2017 7 B
2016 7 B
2015 7 B
2014 6 B
2013 6 B
2012 4 B
2011 4 B

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  • Analysis of the Impact of Charging Electric Cars on the Power System Load

    The paper presents ways of integrating electric cars with the power system. In connection with this, daily load curves in the average working day have been developed in the G2V (Grid-to-Vehicle) and V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) variants. The G2V solution consists in unidirectional energy flow from the power system to a vehicle’s battery. The V2G solution consists in bi-directional energy exchange between the power system and electric...

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  • Comparison of AHP and Numerical Taxonomy Methods Based on Biogas Plant Location Analysis

    The paper presents a comparison of the multi-criteria Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method and numerical taxonomy in biogas plant location selection. Biogas plants are sources that will significantly contribute to the implementation of the provisions of the energy and climate package for Poland by 2030. Increasing the share of energy produced from renewable sources, e.g. biogas plants, will increase the country’s energy security....

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  • Cross-Bonding of MV Cable Lines for Energy Losses Decrease

    - Acta Energetica - 2019

    Currently, almost all medium voltage cable lines (MV) operate with the return wires earthed at both ends of the cable. Such a way of operation causes that during normal states of operation as well as during disturbances, e.g. short-circuits, in the return wires induce currents whose values mainly depend on the currents flowing in the phase wires. These currents in normal operating states are a source of additional energy losses...

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  • Installation of Compensators in the Power System Transmission Grid

    - Acta Energetica - 2019

    The article discusses issues of reactive power compensation in transmission grids, with particular focus on the selection of compensator locations and basic parameters. Attention was focused on modern power electronics systems that ensure full automatic compensator adjustment to voltage or power criteria.

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