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Rok 2021 100 Lista ministerialna 2019
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2021 100 Lista ministerialna 2019
2020 100 Lista ministerialna 2019
2019 100 Lista ministerialna 2019
2018 40 A
2017 40 A
2016 35 A
2015 40 A
2014 40 A
2013 35 A
2012 35 A
2011 35 A
2010 27 A
2009 27 A
2008 27 A

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Rok 2020 6.8
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2020 6.8
2019 5.6
2018 5.1
2017 4.6
2016 3.5
2015 2.9
2014 2.9
2013 3
2012 2.8
2011 2.9

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Rok 2020
  • Chromatic cost coloring of weighted bipartite graphs

    Given a graph G and a sequence of color costs C, the Cost Coloring optimization problem consists in finding a coloring of G with the smallest total cost with respect to C. We present an analysis of this problem with respect to weighted bipartite graphs. We specify for which finite sequences of color costs the problem is NP-hard and we present an exact polynomial algorithm for the other finite sequences. These results are then extended...

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Rok 2018
  • Mathematical analysis of a generalised p53-Mdm2 protein gene expression model


    We propose the generalisation of the p53-Mdm2 protein gene expression model introduced by Monk (2003). We investigate the stability of a unique positive steady state and formulate conditions which guarantee the occurrence of the Hopf bifurcation. We show that oscillatory behaviour can be caused not only by time lag in protein transcription process, but also can be present in the model without time delay. Moreover, we investigate...

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Rok 2017
Rok 2014
  • Fractional problems with advanced arguments

    This paper concerns boundary fractional differential problems with advanced arguments. We investigate the existence of initial value problems when the initial point is given at the end point of an interval. Nonhomogeneous linear fractional differential equations are also studied. The existence of solutions for fractional differential equations with advanced arguments and with boundary value problems has been investigated by using...

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  • Monotone iterative method for first-order differential equations at resonance

    This paper concerns the application of the monotone iterative technique for first-order differential equations involving Stieltjes integrals conditions. We discuss such problems at resonance when the measure in the Stieltjes integral is positive and also when this measure changes the sign. Sufficient conditions which guarantee the existence of extremal, unique and quasi-solutions are given. Three examples illustrate the results.

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  • Positive solutions to fractional differential equations involving Stieltjes integral conditions

    In this paper, we investigate nonlocal boundary value problems for fractional differential equations with dependence on the first-order derivatives and deviating arguments. Sufficient conditions which guarantee the existence of at least three positive solutions are new and obtained by using the Avery–Peterson theorem. We discuss problems (1) and (2) when argument b can change the character on [0, 1], so in some subinterval I of...

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